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Events That Are Planned to Perfection


About Us

Aminaliyah Weddings & Events is a full-service event planning and design company addressing the needs of the general public. Most of our clients find out about us through word of mouth. Currently, we participate in social media, bridal shows and expos to introduce our business to more people

 The company is named after the owners two youngest granddaughters, Amina and Aaliyah. 

Naming the company after her granddaughters makes it even that more special.


Aminaliyah is a company that is veteran who strives to create memories that last a lifetime. They have more than 15 years of experience in event planning, with a wide range of events organized over time. 

Each event is personalized to meet the clients’ individual needs.

With a mission of bringing perfection to your wedding, we make your dream event come true by adding a touch of Aminaliyah to it from the beginning to the end. We are not in it for the money—we’re in it for the love of making your event a memory to last a lifetime.

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Wanetta Kealoha Kaulu, Owner/Operator

I bring to the company over 20 years of experience in event planning that started by planning corporate events for Abbott Laboratories  in 2000 and the Navy Reserve in which I served 13 years. After being recalled to active duty during 9/11, I served four years on active duty. I still carry the Navy motto of Honor, Courage, and Commitment in my life everyday.

I honor my clients  and vendors with the utmost respect. I have the courage to stand up for my clients to make sure they are treated fairly and I'm committed to providing the best customer service that my clients deserve. I hold my staff to the same standards to make sure they go above and beyond to make sure that clients are happy with the service provided to them.

Everyone at Aminaliyah has the courage to take chances and stand by the decisions we make to ensure that our clients’ events run smoothly. We are committed to our clients’ and will listen to their needs, wants and dreams.

DeAnn Griffin, Creative Designer

Great at decorating and putting things together, DeAnn has been working with me for over a year. We were just starting as friends when I discovered she has a hidden talent at creating wedding themes for events and bringing them to life.

The first question she asks clients is, “What have you dreamed about for your special day?” Most people are stunned by this question  because they have either stopped dreaming or don’t think of dreaming about their event.  We will help you make that dream come true.

Now DeAnn and I are more then friends keeping the business in the family. She an I share a granddaughter Julicia. Creating lasting memories for our client is more the a business. Its getting to know our clients on a more personal level and treating them like family.

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